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We are a specialist professional services organisation that provide a turnkey business intelligence solution for clients.
We help companies by using state of the art innovative software that allows our clients to transform meaningless data into a tangible competitive advantage.
No more”one size fits all” reporting each document will gets its own view of your business intelligence data, featuring the metrics and reports they need to do their job more efficiently.
The study of data with tools to transform analyse, and visualize your data.
The data analysis conundrum spans all industries, but naturally the needs of different industry vary when it comes to tracking metrics and insights.
That’s why we tailor your visual dashboard solutions to specific sectors including financial services, retail, airline, manufacturing, professional services, telecommunications, energy and more.
You get real-time high-level visual overviews of your key business metrics, with interactive one-click access to more detailed views, insights and reports.
With our state of the art software we provide interactive visual dashboard tailored to your needs.
Access your data from anywhere and anytime, easily share dashboards within your organisation, and even make them available externally to partners and customers by securely embedding them in a web-page or app.
We use world class technologies such as BI, along with many other specialist technologies and custom built solutions.

Business Intelligence is equipped with robust data management, visualization and analytics features, combined with highly flexible customizations. BI is capable of handling enterprise scale business intelligence challenges.
Drawing from our decade long data analytics experience, we help organizations in visualizing their data in the most intuitive format. Our custom designed dashboards and data representation implementations will help you enable your organization to make data backed decisions.
BI & Analytics Services including:
​Build, Design and Implement BI Infrastructure to fit your goals
​Review and Troubleshoot Issues
​​Migration between BI Solution Providers
​​Design and Configure Dashboard/Reporting Suite
Advise on ‘Best Fit’ solutions for you requirements

Bring and Connect

Put all your data to work by bringing data from everywhere, integrate everything and connect everyone.


Increase your employee’s and your partner’s ability to act on data by working together, faster, better and stronger.


Run your business from your mobile by enabling your employees to quickly access information on any mobile devices.


Take actions with your data by providing users with holistic views so they can take more informed and effective actions.

Safe and Secure

Your data will be positioned to be web-scale with enterprise class security and administration.

Insights your way

Ecosystem provides packaged offerings to meet your business’ needs.

Collaborative Analytics

More confidence in the data supported by everyone

  • Faster decision making as a result of data availability
  • Foster innovation and data driven thinking
  • Increased confidence
  • Direct contribution to the bottom line

BI dashboards can be extended and shared with other users to measure performance and answer crucial business questions including:

  • What does my lead and opportunity pipeline look like?
  • Have I neglected any of my accounts?
  • How many leads did our last campaign create?
  • Is there a bottleneck in our sales pipeline?
  • How many quotes are we working on? Have any been cancelled this month?
  • How long is it taking to resolve customer issues?

Connect to BI and your data is transformed into rich visuals which that you can analyse more closely to better understand performance and identify trends.

Sales Analytics

To understand and improve sales effectiveness analytics include:

  • Top opportunities/salespeople per quarter
  • Sales cycle duration
  • Lead and opportunity conversion rates
  • Overdue opportunities
  • Opportunities won/lost per month
  • New opportunities per week
  • Marketing campaign effectiveness, lead generation rates
  • Sales pipeline and forecast reports by: month, quarter, year, salesperson, region, product & sales stage

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Customer Service Analytics

Service dashboards and reports track trends including spikes and dips in service calls and client complaints to measure teams against key performance indicators including:

  • Customer satisfaction rates
  • Case resolution times and average days open
  • Open and overdue activities by owner, team, type, priority, account
  • Service activities created in the current month vs last month
  • Performance versus Service Level Agreement benchmark
  • Contracts nearing expiry

Marketing Analytics

CRM marketing dashboards provide marketers with the insight to measure campaigns, track marketing spending and assess customer value. This includes:

  • Overall campaign effectiveness and ROI
  • Campaign cost analysis and cost variance
  • Most profitable/responsive market segments
  • Number and value of leads/opportunities by campaign
  • New leads per week/month
  • Lead conversion per month
  • Leads by owner, source, campaign, channel

Solve business challenges by transforming complex data into business insights

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Data driven decisions with real-time insights. As a business, you need a systematic way to turn data into valuable digital insights that drive improvements across operations, foster customer and employee relationships, while generating profitable growth. Maintaining a competitive edge and assisting business leadership by setting them on the path to informed decision-making, is critical for any organisation.

Columbus leads the way for digital transformation by empowering teams to make informed decisions based on real-time data. From ideation to value creation, Columbus helps derive value from big data using integration tools, advanced analytical techniques to answer the complex, high-value questions that drive improvements in revenue, customer experience and profitability.

Increase efficiency
Resolve challenges related to data storage, integration and accessibility by ensuring data is refined and enriched per your organisational requirements.
Improve ROI
Analytics positively influences your company’s ROI through strategic awareness, faster reporting, decreased operating costs and access to high-quality information.
Stay ahead
Analytics provides accurate and timely insights to decision makers. Create models for predictive analysis using multiple data points, using machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions.