Filelot SAN/NAS is a Unified Storage platform that combines both file-level and block-slevel storage access with ethernet connectivity and seamlessly shares your data across Windows, UNIX/Linux and Mac OS platform.

With easy management, high availability, flexible scalability and competitive price/performance, filelot will help small or medium businesses effectively meet diverse and changing data demand while staying within budget parameters.

Filelot Storage systems offer excellent data protection, scalability, and performance:

  • High Availability
  • Greater Scalability
  • Remote replication (Rsync with SSH encryption)
  • Volume replication, automatic error correction and background data scrubbing to ensure data integrity
  • Thin provisioning and data compression – Ensure the most efficient allocation of pooled capacity
  • Support for SMB/CIFS, NFS and AFP

Functional Specification

  • Smaller Storage Footprint:Filelot SAN/NAS appliances offer comprehensive storage management features including compression,and thin provisioning, dramatically reducing physical storage requirements, and providing unparalleled storage efficiency.
  • Nearly-Limitless Scalability:Filelot SAN/NAS features a 128-bit file system, meaningthere are no hard-coded limits on the number of objects you can scale to (such as LUNs, volumes, files, or diskdrives),limitations that you typically find in more traditional arrays using 64-bit systems.
  • Simple Solution for Backups and Replication:Unlimited snapshots, clones, asynchronous and synchronous replication, remote replication, and a host of other features designed to simplify backup and disaster recovery.
  • Virtualize:To make the most of your virtual server environment,manage your storage pools against a set of virtual machines, easily managing both iSCSI volume and file shares used by virtual servers. Filelot SAN/NAS supportsVMware, Citrix, and Microsoft Hyper-V.

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